EU Circular Economy

EU Circular Economy Listed About Blanks as Good practice

EU Circular Economy is a joint initiative by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee.

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform listed About Blanks as Good Practice on their website.

About Blanks makes sketchbooks and notebooks from old books and recycled materials found in closets, attics and at book fairs.

The old book covers are reused by removing the pages inside and refilling the cover with sustainable blank sketch paper. Each About Blanks note- and sketchbook is different and therefore unique. Sustainability goes beyond reusing and recycling materials. About Blanks products are made in a social employment facility, where people with a disability or poor job prospects can get a job and participate in society.

Sustainability also means that a product should last a long time and so quality plays an important role, with materials selected appropriately. The sketch paper comes from responsible sources (FSC).